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Pregnancy, Feeding and Parenting Issue 13

32 A4 pages of concise easy read information with pictures

This booklet conforms with best practice standards as recognised by NICE and the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative


The Mothers and others Guide, Pregnancy, Feeding and Parenting

What is the Mothers & Others guide?

32 pages of concise, easy to read, key information for professionals and parents. Written by Mandy Abbett, Infant Feeding Specialist

NEW in this issue

NEW chart on How babies are developing at different stages in utero (recommended in the Baby Friendly Audit tool)

NEW section on Baby Friendly standards for formula feeding information.

LATEST INFORMATION on reducing the risks of Sudden Infant Death.

LATEST A,B,C,D guide for safe sleeping.

MORE information on avoiding hazardous sleeping situations

NEW section on what to avoid when positioning a baby for breastfeeding

LATEST guidelines on Vitamin D for everyone.

What does it offer?

For Parents

It is a CONCISE easy read booklet to give them all the information they need to make informed choices about feeding and caring for their baby. This ensures they have the required information for compliance with UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative.

For Professionals

A reference booklet for staff on the new standards that are required for Baby Friendly Accreditation that is updated every year. It brings several leaflets together in one booklet so trusts need only purchase this.

Testimonial 1

"The Mothers and Others Guide is given to all pregnant women in Nottingham CIty, and is invaluable in informing them about the benefits and management of breastfeeding. It is helping us to achieve UNICEF Baby Friendly standards in giving information to antenatal women"

Sarah Elbourne
Infant Feeding Project Lead
Testimonial 2

"The mothers and others guide has been invaluable in providing essential understanding for a successful feeding journey in an engaging & colourful format. When the trust began to focus on stage 3 Unicef BFI it became clear that this type of learning for mothers would not only help us to achieve all the standards required but that the booklets would aid that meaningful conversation to ensure we meet individual needs"

Teresa Chambers
Coventry Hospital
Testimonial 3

"Here in The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge we provide all expectant mums with the guide, which we use to support good conversations around feeding during pregnancy and after birth. We find the pictures on positioning and latching particularly helpful to enhance women's understanding. We also use the guides as a useful tool in staff training sessions, confident that the information conforms with BFI and NICE best practice standards."

Lesley Bennett
The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge

Latest News

The Mothers Guide made its successful debut in London recently, at an early infant care conference. The event, ‘Making the Natural Normal’ was held to celebrate the North West London Hospitals Trust achieving UNICEF Baby Friendly accreditation. Speakers included Dr Alison Spiro, Specialist Health Visitor for breastfeeding. The Mothers Guide received some encouraging feedback from
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When we asked her to review the latest edition of the guide, Kerrie Campbell from Bosom Buddies, Halewood PRC commented: “Hi Mandy, I have just finished reading your newly revised version of Mothers and others from the front page to the back page. I would just like to say I think this is your best
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To ensure our publication meets the requirements of health professionals as well as mums and dads, each issue is reviewed before publication by various professionals from across the UK. Karla Napier Infant Feeding Advisor, Simpson Centre, Edinburgh kindly reviewed the latest version for us. Here’s a sample of what she had to say: “Issue 11
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