The Mothers Guide made its successful debut in London recently, at an early infant care conference. The event, ‘Making the Natural Normal’ was held to celebrate the North West London Hospitals Trust achieving UNICEF Baby Friendly accreditation. Speakers included Dr Alison Spiro, Specialist Health Visitor for breastfeeding.

The Mothers Guide received some encouraging feedback from visitors to the event, most of whom were seeing it for the first time. Dr Spiro commented: “There was lots of interest and everyone seemed to like the new guide. I think it is brilliant that you have the new ‘laid-back feeding’ included.”

The conference also covered topics such as developmental care, becoming baby friendly and babies’ brain development, all of which are covered in the latest edition of The Guide. If you’d like to see a copy, please contact Ron Legg at RL Advertising on 0115 9389858.

When we asked her to review the latest edition of the guide, Kerrie Campbell from Bosom Buddies, Halewood PRC commented:

“Hi Mandy, I have just finished reading your newly revised version of Mothers and others from the front page to the back page. I would just like to say I think this is your best version to date. I love the pieces on baby wearing, the updated attachment page is easier to read and follow, the vest trick instructions are brilliant.

Obviously for my job I have to know your booklet like the back of my hand, I do tell mums it’s like ‘their bible for breast feeding.’ Please continue with the fabulous info for years to come.”

The baby wearing section is new for this issue, and provides detailed information for both mothers and their professionals. Sling libraries are popping up all over the country, and we wanted to extol the virtues of keeping a baby close. Many mums want to ‘train’ their babies from an early age and we wanted to give a different perspective that it’s a good thing to have their baby or toddler close.

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To ensure our publication meets the requirements of health professionals as well as mums and dads, each issue is reviewed before publication by various professionals from across the UK. Karla Napier Infant Feeding Advisor, Simpson Centre, Edinburgh kindly reviewed the latest version for us. Here’s a sample of what she had to say:

“Issue 11 of “A Mothers and Others Guide” looks fantastic! Mandy has done a great job of incorporating all the new BFI standards, the baby wearing information is wonderful and I also love the Dads and Partners page. All in all it’s a brilliant new edition. I would like to place my order as soon as possible.”

We are delighted to see that our improved dad’s and partners’ page is being so well received. We deliberately changed the emphasis this issue from a breastfeeding guide to a ‘feeding and caring for your new baby’ guide to encourage pregnant women and their partners to read it while considering feeding choices.

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Sue Cooper is a longstanding breastfeeding advisor from Jessop Wing, Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield. When we asked her to preview the guide for us, she said: “It looks fantastic…we love the pregnancy section which will support discussions in pregnancy in line with new BFI standards…the pictures and info are brilliant.”

The revised BFI standards Sue mentions formed a significant part of our revisions for this issue, so readers can be confident it conforms to ‘best practice standards’ as recommended by NICE and The Baby Friendly Initiative.

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We are delighted to introduce our brand new blog, to bring together testimonials from professionals about the Mother’s Guide as well as news stories and updates.

The strength of our magazine is that it brings together individual leaflets in one publication so is good value for money. It is also always up to date. Changes are made yearly and sometime mid issue if new evidence becomes available. For example, we have heard that the FSA is looking into Vitamin D and so we will be incorporating their findings as soon as the information is available.

Research undertaken by Coventry University in 2012 showed the effectiveness and usefulness of the guide and we followed recommendations in updating the guide to ensure it fully meets the needs of mums and professionals. Contact us for more information or to order your copies.