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To ensure our publication meets the requirements of health professionals as well as mums and dads, each issue is reviewed before publication by various professionals from across the UK. Karla Napier Infant Feeding Advisor, Simpson Centre, Edinburgh kindly reviewed the latest version for us. Here’s a sample of what she had to say:

“Issue 11 of “A Mothers and Others Guide” looks fantastic! Mandy has done a great job of incorporating all the new BFI standards, the baby wearing information is wonderful and I also love the Dads and Partners page. All in all it’s a brilliant new edition. I would like to place my order as soon as possible.”

We are delighted to see that our improved dad’s and partners’ page is being so well received. We deliberately changed the emphasis this issue from a breastfeeding guide to a ‘feeding and caring for your new baby’ guide to encourage pregnant women and their partners to read it while considering feeding choices.

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