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NHS Independent Survey

Independent research funded by the NHS into the ‘Mothers and Others Guide to Breastfeeding’ has shown that all users were “extremely positive about the guide and its contents.” The research project, shortly to be published, was conducted by Coventry University on behalf of the NHS.

The 11th edition of the guide provides key information to Trusts when working towards UNICEF Baby Friendly accreditation. It is updated regularly to reflect current changes in BFI, research and general information. Bringing lots of leaflets together in one booklet, the guide’s effectiveness and usefulness are now evidenced by the research.

Many mothers, expectant mothers and fathers questioned commented that the information contained within the guide was very useful to them; in particular the images which illustrated key points extremely well. “I like the fact that it’s got all the positions in, because I didn’t find pictures of all different positions in any of the other breastfeeding information I was given…that was one of the things I was looking for.”

Both mothers and fathers stated that the ‘Mothers and Others Guide’ was more informative than other materials they had previously used, and became a ‘one stop shop’ during pregnancy and postnatal, allowing them to access all the information they needed in one place. Particular mention was given to the easy layout of the guide, the troubleshooting pages and the section on positioning/attachment.

Among healthcare professionals, the guide was also well received according to the research. It was used by some as a tool to promote breastfeeding among individuals, while others used it as a resource for problem solving.

“I think the pictures to have been the most fantastic pictures ever of breastfeeding and have solved so many women’s problems…”

Many health professionals furthermore found the guide useful for their own information and training needs. One important positive feature of the guide was the consistency of care it allowed them to provide to women – it was seen as a tool that midwives, heath visitors and children centre staff alike could use in their consultations with mothers and expectant mothers.

“…it’s a bit of a bible really, a reference point to be able to give consistency…so the mothers are all receiving the same information.”

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