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When we asked her to review the latest edition of the guide, Kerrie Campbell from Bosom Buddies, Halewood PRC commented:

“Hi Mandy, I have just finished reading your newly revised version of Mothers and others from the front page to the back page. I would just like to say I think this is your best version to date. I love the pieces on baby wearing, the updated attachment page is easier to read and follow, the vest trick instructions are brilliant.

Obviously for my job I have to know your booklet like the back of my hand, I do tell mums it’s like ‘their bible for breast feeding.’ Please continue with the fabulous info for years to come.”

The baby wearing section is new for this issue, and provides detailed information for both mothers and their professionals. Sling libraries are popping up all over the country, and we wanted to extol the virtues of keeping a baby close. Many mums want to ‘train’ their babies from an early age and we wanted to give a different perspective that it’s a good thing to have their baby or toddler close.

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